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SENQ is a place for startups, Intorepreneur, business operators, creators, engineers, academic and research institutions, local governments and other pioneers from various industries to accelerate open innovation by gathering, cooperating and co-creating with one another.

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SENQ provides three systems to create business connections.

Set the theme according to the characteristics of the area in each office building

Supports inter-industry matching between offices with different themes

Mentors and alliance partners support business growth, problem solving, etc

Chuo-Nittochi Group Co., Ltd. provides functional and comfortable workplaces with superior design using its creativity as a developer that has worked on offices and houses for over 60 years.
The company also supports interaction between the tenants, holds seminars, pitch events, and assist the cooperation, business creation and business growth of the tenants by introducing you to mentors and alliance partners.


First, select the office to visit in the "Reservation" form and then reserve a tour.
The staff will subsequently contact you.

(Please reserve a tour from the "Reservation" link even if you have already decided to move in.)


The staff gives detailed descriptions of the facilities and services.


After the tour, the staff explains the documents and procedures needed for applicant screening.

Become tenant

After completing all procedures, you are ready to move in.
The staff, mentors and alliance partners will provide you with full support.

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